This week, one of the featured scrolls was the statement “In front of your eyes.” This statement has such a strong yet simple meaning, and I connect with it very deeply. Often, we are caught up in the chaos of our busy lives, and we neglect to look at the things right in front of us. We strive for great and new things, constantly moving from one place to another; as we reach, we attain a state of tunnel vision, only seeing what we are currently preoccupied with, and this causes us to miss out on the simple treasures of life. The statement “in front of your eyes” is a reminder that we all have things to be grateful for, and that all that we truly need has always been right in front of us. Beauty is all around us in nature, love is all around us in our friends and family, and the true necessities of life are within reach. It is, of course, important to reach out of our comfort zones, to take risks, and to move forward in our lives. But it is equally important to, once in a while, stop everything and admire the amazing things that are right in front of our eyes.

~ Itamar

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