"The fisherman's life depends on the use of fishing pole." This word is from Ikkyuu, a famous Japanese priest. For serving and practicing tea, we do not need so many fancy things. We just need minimum Dogu and Kokoro, just like fisherman can make a living with a single fishing pole. We need to think of what our poles are. I sometimes feel jealous of other people who seem to be doing pretty well in their lives, and they have skills or knowledge I don't have, and I try to be like them. However, what is most important is to enhance what I already have and think about how to use it in various ways. With the even single piece of a bamboo fishing pole, the experienced fisherman uses it in some different flexible ways for different fish. Life should be creative. We should overcome difficulties in life by applying our own strength in various ways.

Also, to use the full power of what I have is connected to the other scroll of today, "Wherever you are, be your own master." I've been recently interested in theories for better performance in the workplace, and a certain book says to be responsible for your job and do everything you can for the task. It sounds ordinary, but can we always fully responsible for what we do? We sometimes think, "There is a problem, but someone else can solve it, or I can do it later." This type of thought is not responsible. So, the words of the scroll reminded me what the book said.

~ Shunto

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