To have a child-like mind, doushin, is to have a mind free of biases and preconceptions. A child’s mind is like a blank slate, unburdened by the weight of knowledge and experience. She doesn’t see the divisions and limitations that adults impose on their society; instead, she sees a simple and magnificent world, undivided and unlimited. She sees her surroundings more clearly than those who’s minds are clouded with other thoughts and worries. The blank slate of her mind can be easily written on, so the child is naturally curious and often amused. Every moment is an experience, every interaction a lesson. She has an incredibly unlimited imagination, capable of creating ideas and solutions. A child is happy to interact with the world, experiencing every moment with full emotions.

I try to emulate a child-like mind as often as I can. It’s important to be open to new perspectives and possibilities in my everyday interactions. When engaging in a new situation, I try to clean my mind of bias and keep my mind open. As for the curiosity of a child’s mind, I don’t believe that one can try to be more curious. Instead, I try to actively and frequently pursue the curiosities that I already have. Asking questions is important because it helps me learn new things every day. To have a child’s mind, I think, can help me live in a happier and more fulfilling way.

~ Itamar

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