“Dust Off”. This scroll reminds me of one of the things I love most about coming to tea class – the ability it gives us to step away from our daily routines and into a calm and peaceful setting. The dust could also be thought of as all the worries and stresses that accumulate over the course of the week, that coming to tea class each week allows us to leave behind. As we practice tea, it is important that we focus, so we must shed whatever daily concerns we have as we enter the tea room, which is what this scroll encourages us to do. I found this scroll to be particularly relevant this week. We just got back to campus from spring break, and a week off of tea class, so I felt out of practice both with the tea ceremony itself and with the process of removing myself from my daily stresses so I can take time to focus on tea. The scroll reminded me that I still have all the skills we've been practicing, I just needed to shake off the dust that settled over the past week, focus, and remember.

~ Paige

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