The scroll in the 4.5-mat room – shakutei ichi zansui, or “one drop of water at the bottom of the dipper” – really resonated with me this week. When I’ve seen this scroll in the past, mostly it’s made me think about how even if we have just a little of something, we can still accomplish something with that. However, this Thursday, just a week before I graduate, seeing this scroll made me think much more specifically about the amount of time I have between now and the end of college. Four years of being here is just long enough that up until now, it’s felt like this is the place I would be forever – that my routine would stay the same, and that I’d always have the friends I’ve made here nearby. But now, just a few days out from moving away from campus, I’m finally starting to internalize that this period of my life is ending. It would be easy to be sad about this, and spend my last few days mourning the end of my college experience. But there is still one drop of water at the bottom of the dipper, a few days left to enjoy and soak up everything I have loved about this place, and that is what this scroll reminded me to do.

~ Paige

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