This week we had one painting and two calligraphy scrolls at Japan House. I was deeply impressed the calligraphy scroll by Sensho. It says, “Purify your soul.”

This week was a busy week for me. Endless midterms, projects and meetings have already made me impatient about sitting in front of my laptop and crossing out my to-do list. The anxiety of completing everything on time made my mind fill with chaos. As a result, I failed to do my work with high efficiency. On Thursday evening, I came to Japan House as usual. For me, Japan House is a place with magic, where I feel so calm once I’m there. When appreciating the calligraphy scroll, I was reflecting myself on how I dealt with study, work and life recently. It was chaos. But I gradually calmed myself down as I was observing the scroll. I should block the unnecessary disturbance and focus on one thing at a time. I should focus on myself instead of the surroundings that would distract me. I should calm down instead of getting anxious. Not only me but also everyone should purify our soul and minds. Many things disturb us nowadays. So it becomes more necessary for us to purify our soul and remind ourselves of our original intention.

~ Annie

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