Wherever you are, be your own master.

One of the beauties of being a human being is our sense of agency, the idea that we not only have our own interests and desires, but also the free will to choose whether to act. Too often, we cede this sense of agency by falling back to the path that has been laid before us. Sometimes this is the path of least resistance, and sometimes this is a difficult path laid down by our parents or other external pressures. As a human being, we should remember that we have agency. We have the ability to choose which path to follow, and if there isn't a path laid down, we have the capacity to forge our own path.

To me, this scroll is a reminder not to follow the easiest path blindly. We should recognize our agency and be our own masters, deciding which path is right for us not by looking at what's already beneath our feet, but by what we want in life.

~ Dario

Dario is a graduate student in Electrical Engineering. Born in Canada and raised in Wisconsin by a Latino father and a German mother, he is still astounded that does tea.

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